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USWE Action Cam Harness-Ndm 1

USWE Action Cam Harness-Ndm 1
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The Action Camera Harness / NDM 1 can be used on our backpacks equipped with the No Dancing Monkey 1.0 and No Dancing Monkey 1.2 harnesses. This attachment is only available in one size and is compatible with the following products:

- Raw
- MTB Hydro
- Airborne
- Ranger
- Patriot
- Vertical
- Outlander (NOT Compatible with Outlander PRO)

The Action Camera Harness / NDM 1 is not just a normal camera harness. Unlike other harnesses available to date, our backpacks offer a bounce-free solution. This harness is very easy to use. You simply take off the current chest strap that your pack is equipped with and replace it with the Action Camera Harness. Once exchanged you just need to use the velcro strap to keep the attachment stable while going into action. The harness is not compatible with neck brace. Adaptors for cameras are not included. We recommend using the included standard attachment for GoPro cameras.


Part Numbers

07350069251084 411V-101221 210000024905