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Used Kids Bikes

When you’re ready to buy a good quality pre-owned bike, Tri-A-Bike in Palm Desert is the shop you need to visit to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a mountain bike to ride in La Quinta, a hybrid or cruiser to use on the bike paths in Indian Wells or a road bike for Rancho Mirage, we have the inventory and knowledge to help you get the right bike for your needs at the right price for your budget.

At Tri-A-Bike we have 2 pre-owned bike offerings; Premium and Certified.
Premium Used Bikes come from our well-maintained rental fleet or are trade-ins that are less than 5 years old.
Certified Used Bikes are more than 5 years old or are bikes sold by retail stores.

Used Kids 12" BikesSale Price
Raleigh Dyno VRF 12 12'' Boys Silver (Go) 06$50.00
Raleigh MXR mini 12'' Blue /Silver (BLOO)$60.00
Used Kids 16" Bikes Sale Price
Giant Animator Bmx 16'' Black (Ant)$60.00
Raleigh MRX Mini 16'' Blue (Set) 07$50.00
Used Kids 20" bikesSale Price
Magna Great Divide Kids 20'' Mtn Purple$49.98
Roadmaster MT Sport SX 20'' kids Blue$64.98
Red Townie 20' Mtn$149.98
Raleigh Rowdy 20'' MTB Purple (BARNEY) 10$150.00
Tagalong White 20'' White$60.00
Specialized Hot Rok 20'' BMX Green (FROG)$90.00
GT BMX 20'' Silver (Silver) 09$60.00
Schwinn Pedal Patch 20'' Girls Blue (Aqua) 12$70.00
DB Junior Viper 20'' BMX Boys Blue ( Junior) 06$90.00
DB Viper 20'' BMX Boys Black (Viper) 02$60.00
Mongoose MT Grizzly MTB 20'' Blue (Tock) 07$60.00
GT Interceptor BMX 20'' Boys Blue ( Skip) 98$60.00
Giant commotion MTB 20'' Girls Purple (White) 05$80.00
Used Kids 24" bikesSale Price
White Della Cruz 24" 3 spd cruiser (Damion)$179.98
Trek MT 220 MTB 24'' Blue/Silver (Bruin)$150.00
Redline Roam BMX Boys Red/White (Ready) 12$100.00
DB Octane B MTB 24'' Blue ( Smurf) 10$150.00
DB Octane 24 24'' MTB Boys Silver (Train) 11$149.98
Raleigh Mount Scout MTB 24'' Girls Purple (Scout) 11$150.00
Schwinn MTB 24'' Girls Purple (Hopp) 11$90.00
DB Octane 24 MTB 24'' Girls White (Jump) 12$160.00
Giant MTX 24'' MTB Giiels Purple (Snow) 12$180.00
Raleigh Mountain Scout MTB 24'' Boys Blue (Leaf) 13$170.00

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