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Used Kids Bikes

When you’re ready to buy a good quality pre-owned bike, Triabike in Palm Desert is the shop you need to visit to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a mountain bike to ride in La Quinta, a hybrid or cruiser to use on the bike paths in Indian Wells or a road bike for Rancho Mirage, we have the inventory and knowledge to help you get the right bike for your needs at the right price for your budget.

At Triabike we have 2 pre-owned bike offerings; Premium and Certified.
Premium Used Bikes come from our well-maintained rental fleet or are trade-ins that are less than 5 years old.
Certified Used Bikes are more than 5 years old or are bikes sold by retail stores.

Used Kids 12" BikesSale Price
Raleigh Dyno VRF 12 12'' Boys Silver (Go) 06$50.00
Raleigh MXR mini 12'' Blue /Silver (BLOO)$60.00
Used Kids 16" Bikes Sale Price
Giant Animator Bmx 16'' Black (Ant)$60.00
Raleigh MRX Mini 16'' Blue (Set) 07$50.00
Used Kids 20" bikesSale Price
Magna Great Divide Kids 20'' Mtn Purple$49.98
Roadmaster MT Sport SX 20'' kids Blue$64.98
Red Townie 20' Mtn$149.98
Raleigh Rowdy 20'' MTB Purple (BARNEY) 10$150.00
Tagalong White 20'' White$60.00
Specialized Hot Rok 20'' BMX Green (FROG)$90.00
GT BMX 20'' Silver (Silver) 09$60.00
Schwinn Pedal Patch 20'' Girls Blue (Aqua) 12$70.00
DB Junior Viper 20'' BMX Boys Blue ( Junior) 06$90.00
DB Viper 20'' BMX Boys Black (Viper) 02$60.00
Mongoose MT Grizzly MTB 20'' Blue (Tock) 07$60.00
GT Interceptor BMX 20'' Boys Blue ( Skip) 98$60.00
Giant commotion MTB 20'' Girls Purple (White) 05$80.00
Used Kids 24" bikesSale Price
White Della Cruz 24" 3 spd cruiser (Damion)$179.98
Trek MT 220 MTB 24'' Blue/Silver (Bruin)$150.00
Redline Roam BMX Boys Red/White (Ready) 12$100.00
DB Octane B MTB 24'' Blue ( Smurf) 10$150.00
DB Octane 24 24'' MTB Boys Silver (Train) 11$149.98
Raleigh Mount Scout MTB 24'' Girls Purple (Scout) 11$150.00
Schwinn MTB 24'' Girls Purple (Hopp) 11$90.00
DB Octane 24 MTB 24'' Girls White (Jump) 12$160.00
Giant MTX 24'' MTB Giiels Purple (Snow) 12$180.00
Raleigh Mountain Scout MTB 24'' Boys Blue (Leaf) 13$170.00

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