At Tri.A.Bike our slogan is “You Never Forget” and our owner, Harry Hoyer would like to share his most unforgettable cycling experience with you! It actually consists of two attempts to go through the Canadian Rockies from Jasper to Banff. It was during a group tour organized by the Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club.

Here’s Harry’s recount of his experience:
“I will never forget the quote from one of the other riders as we peered out across Lake Louise, ‘Welcome to the Grand Daddy of all bike rides’. Boy, he was not kidding!

The route included two major climbs to get to a pair of Glaciers and a big guy like me doesn’t climb quickly. The challenge to go up 2200 ft. was something I wanted to tackle and I did. There were lots of other memories. Here are two that I especially remember:

One was the downhill crash that resulted in a broken helmet and a lot of scrapes on my first try. The group leader sidelined me for ½ a day to make sure I was OK.

Another was the majestic beauty of riding high and seeing the clouds around Castle Mountain, and the biggest impression was riding up a place called Parker Ridge in a snowstorm. That ride took us to the top at Columbia Icefield and miraculously the clouds rolled out and we had a sunny downhill ride to our next stop.

These challenges I overcame and beautiful scenery from Jasper to Banff make this my most unforgettable cycling experience. Not only did it make me further appreciate the sport we all enjoy, but my love for feeling connected with nature was incredible solidified. This feeling is one that I want all cyclist to enjoy!”