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Is it hard for you to find bikes during the Covid-19 pandemic?

We have a good selection of premium, new bikes arriving weekly!

Tri-A-Bike Has The Widest Selection Of New Bicycles

During The Covid-19 Pandemic In The Greater Palm Springs Area


When you’re ready to buy a new bike, Tri-A-Bike in Palm Desert is the shop you need to visit to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a mountain bike to ride in La Quinta, a hybrid or cruiser to use on the bike paths in Indian Wells or a road bike for Rancho Mirage, we have the inventory and knowledge to help you get the right bike for your needs at the right price for your budget.


Browse Our Selection of New Bicycles For Sale:

New Bikes Inventory as of August 4, 2021.

Call 760-340-2840 or email for more information


Electric Street Bikes:

Aventon Aventure  Step-over in Med Black $1898.98

Aventon Commuter Level  ToD Step-over in Sm, Med, and Lg  Grey  $1698.98

Aventon Commuter Level  ToD Step-Thru in S/M and M/L Rose or Grey   $1698.98

Aventon Pace 350 ToD Step-thru Sm Amethyst $1098.98

Aventon Pace 350 ToD Step-thru Med Amethyst $1098.98

Aventon Pace 500 ToD Step-over in Sm, Med, Lg Black $1498.98

Aventon Pace 500 ToD Step-Thru in Sm and Med  White or Celeste $1498.98

Aventon Sinch  ToD Folding one size  White or Black $1598.98

Giant Explore E+2 (28 MPH) Step-Tru  Sm Navy $3299.98

Giant Explore E+2 (28 MPH) Step-over  Lg Navy $3299.98

Giant Roam E+ GTS (Step-over)  20MPH Sm, Med, Lg and XL Black $2598.98

Giant Roam E+ STA (Step-thru) 20MPH Sm Black $2449.98

 Momentum Lafree Step-thru 20MPH Sm, Med, and Lg Black or Red  $2249.98


Electric Mountain Bikes:

Liv Embolden E+ 2 29er LG Ocean Storm $3999.98

Haibike XD Nduro 2.0 Med and Lg White and Red $4599.98 

Norco Range 3 VLT Lg Blue $5399.98 (Demo)


Mountain Bikes Full Suspension:

Cannondale Habit 5 Med, and Lg Black $2499.98

Norco Fluid FS 1 Lg Black $1998.98

Norco Optic C3 29er Med and Lg  Silver/Charcoal $4098.98


Mountain Bikes Front Suspension:

Giant ATX 27.5 Lg and XL Black $479.98

Liv Bliss 26 Med Desert Sage $479

Raleigh Talus 2 Med Grey $584.98

Raleigh Talus 3 Med Black $624.98

Cannondale Trail 5 Lg Grey $949.98

Cannondale Trail 7 Lg and XL Black $699.98

Norco Storm 3 XS and Med Grey Blue $818.98 

Norco Storm 5 XXS Silver and Black $638.98


Hybrid Comfort Bikes:

Giant Sedona DX XL Black $599.98 

Giant Cypress Sm, Med, Lg & XL Metallic Navy $569.98

Giant Escape 3 Comfort SM Rosewood $539 

Liv Flourish 4 Med  Green or Purple $569.98

Liv Flourish FS1 Med Chameleon Plum $609.98

Cannondale Adventure 2  XL Black $724.98

Raleigh Detour 1 Step-over XL Green $499.98

Raleigh Venture 2 Step-over Med Grey $599.98

Norco Indie 2 Step-Over Med, Lg and XL Grey/Silver  $829.98

Norco Indie 3 Step-Over  XS Green/Black   $679.98

Norco Indie 4 Step-Over  Sm, Med, Lg, XL   Grey/Black   $739.98

Norco Scene 1 Sm, Med, Lg  and XL Various colors $878.98

Norco Scene 3 Sm, Med, Lg  and XL Various colors $699.98


Fitness Bikes:

Giant Escape 3 Lg Blue Ashes $459.98

Giant Escape 3 Comfort Sm and Med Rosewood $539 

Liv Alight 3 XS Rosewood $469.98

Norco XFR 2 Step-thru Sm, Med and Lg Blue $778.98

Norco XFR 3 Step-over XL Grey $678.98 

Cannondale Quick 6 Med and Large Black $649.98

Raleigh Cadent 1 Med and Lg Black $509.98


Youth Bikes:

Liv Enchant 24” Austal Aura $349.98

Liv Enchant 20″ Girls Aqua or Salmon $329.98

Giant XtC Jr 20″ Red Clay $329.98

Giant Animator C/B 16″ Boys Blue $244.98 

Giant Animator Balance 12″ Boys Black or Blue $229.98  

Liv Adore 12″ Magenta or White $214.98

Giant Animator C/B 12″ Boys Electric Blue $209.98


Beach Cruisers:

Schwinn Cruiser Step-thru Pink $349.98


Road bikes 

Cannondale Topstone 3 Mens LG Black $1499.98



Catrike Dumont Eon Green $4149.98

Catrike E-Villager Electric Blue $5149.98

Terratrike Maverick x8 Steel Blue $1299.98

TerraTrike Rambler E.V.O.  Electric Green  $4499.98

TerraTrike Rambler Solar Yellow  $1898.98

TerraTrike Traveler Candy Apple Red $2399.98


Folding Bikes:

Sold out