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Local Rides & Trails

Let Tri-A-Bike, Inc. be your guide to all of the best local bike trails.

Local Rides & Trails For The Palm Springs Region

The Palm Springs area provides many riding options for visitors & residents.




For intermediate and advanced pavement riders we support the Desert Cycling Club that operates weekly rides on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Ride start time, length and location and varies with the season.

For more information go to:

Trail Rides

Note: The dirt trails in the Palm Springs area are primarily technical rides, riders skills need to be intermediate or advanced. Most rides require strong climbing skills. Do not bring Children or beginner riders along as we will not be able to support them.


Pavement In The City

La Quinta: Bear Creek Trail - Difficulty Easy

Bear Creek Path is a paved pathway that goes 4.8 miles along the base of the Southern Santa Rosa Mountains.

You can start at either end of Bear Creek, the north end is at the intersection of Eisenhower and Tampico and it starts up hill with the return ride down. 

The South end starts at Calle Tecate and Avenida Madero, there is lots of parking at this end.

You can also add a .6 mile jaunt from the north end to go to the bike friendly Old Town Coffee shop at 78100 Main St, La Quinta,

Download the map here

Palm Desert/Rancho Mirage: Take me to The River Shopping Center In Rancho Mirage - Difficulty Easy Flat

This route is casual street touring ride, 5 miles long out and return that brings you to the River Shopping complex in Rancho Mirage. By adding side routes, you can increase the length to 8 miles. All distances are approximate.

Start at Triabike at 44841 San Pablo Ave.  Parking is available on San Pablo, north in the Angelview parking lot or east of the shop on Alessandro Dr. 

Head north on San Pablo, go .8 miles crossing Fred Waring. 

Turn west at the College of the Desert parking entrance and go .15 miles

Turn left for another .15 miles

Turn west, go .25 miles

Head north (right) go .1 mile arrive at a circle.

Round circle head west towards Monterey .1 mile.

Cross Monterey, go 1.5 miles on Park View to Joshua Rd

Turn north go .3 miles to Magnesia Falls.

Ride West .4 miles to Magnesia Falls Plaza

Turn north (right) for 50 yards turn east and head to back of mall area to avoid vehicular traffic

Turn north at Cinder block wall and follow wall to Brandini’s Toffee.

Turn west toward Bob Hope Drive for about .2 miles

The River is on West at about 2.5 miles one way.

You can add distance by going west on Rancho which is .1 mile north of the Parkview Joshua Lane corner.  There are 3 side streets off of Rancho that offer short back and out rides with interesting architecture and landscaping.  To you can also head south on Joshua Lane instead of north at Park View.

Download the map here

Palm Desert: South of El Paseo (Shadow Mountain) - Difficulty - Easy Flat to Moderate
  • This riding area is an ungated community with many side streets filled with interesting homes and unique landscapes.  You can vary the ride time and distance to your liking by staying in the Shadow Mountain area or head west on Fairway which is a flat ride out to Indian Wells on Fairview. 

    Head south from Triabike at 44841 San Pablo Ave approximately .25 miles and crossing Hwy 111 and El Paseo to Shadow Mountain Drive, be careful there is no bike route here, so an option may be on the sidewalk.

    You can turn either east towards Portola and Indian Wells or west on Shadow Mountain.  Heading west takes you up hill and you can cross Hwy 74 and ride west towards Desert Crossing Shopping center and Painters path

    Alternately you can head east on Desert Lilly and ride in the Area to the east of Hwy 74.  This is hillier area with  interesting residential architecture and unique landscaping in this area. 

    Portola borders the East side of this area and leads to Indian Wells on Fairway. 

Download the map here

Palm Desert/Rancho Mirage: Gerald Ford/Tamarisk/Country Club Loop - Difficulty Easy

Gerald Ford/Tamarisk/ Abram-Butler/Country Club loop

This route is casual street touring ride, 14+ miles long loop ride The is a moderate uphill ride on Portola and on Gerald ford to Monterey.  The bulk of the terrain is flat.  It takes you through some ungated subdivisions with interesting architecture and landscaping. Once in the Tamarisk neighborhood you can ride a lot of alternate streets with limited traffic.  You can also do this loop by parking at the Trojan Plaza starting at the end of the Abrams-Butler Trail. All distances are approximate.

Start at Triabike at 44841 San Pablo Ave.  Parking is available on San Pablo, north in the Angelview parking lot or east of the shop on Alessandro Dr. 

Head north on San Pablo for 1.2 miles to Magnesia Falls Dr.

Turn right and Ride .4 miles east to Portola Ave. 

Turn north (left) onto the bike lane and ride for 3.3 miles to Gerald Ford Dr

Turn west and ride in the bike lane on Gerald Ford for 3 miles to Los Alamos across from the Westin Mission Hills Country Club entrance.

Turn south on Los Alamos and go .5 mile (You can add extra miles by riding around in the lovely community of modern and traditional homes.) 

Turn East on Tamarisk go .2 mile

and then right onto Los Reyes Dr. 

head south and then west at the corner and again south for .8 mile coming to Frank Sinatra. 

You cross Sinatra and head south on Morningside for 1 mile. 

Then turn south on DuVall for .45 mile to Michael Wolfson Park in Rancho Mirage

Go through park and ride south-east on Abrams Butler trail, go 1.2 miles

You come to Country Club and head east . 5 miles to Morningside

Turn north for 1.4 miles and this street turns into Thompson when crossing Sinatra.

Turn east on La Paz.go .3 miles road turns North as Los Reyes.

go .3 mile road turn west as Sunny.

Go .2 miles to Los alamos urn North (slight up hill .35 Miles to Gerald Ford.

Turn east back to Rancho Mirage shopping (.9 miles)or Lowes. 1.9 miles.

You may head east on Sinatra at Michael Wolfson Park to shorten you distance and rejoin the route at Sinatra and Morningside. This takes about 1.1 miles off the route.

Download the map here

Palm Desert/La Quinta: 20 mile ride from Triabike to Old Town Coffee - Difficulty Easy

Turn South on San Pablo from Triabike for .25 miles, crossing Hwy 111 and El Paseo and going  to the T on Shadow Mtn Dr

Turn left onto Shadow Mtn Rd and cross Portola about .5 miles 

Do a slight right on Candlewood.  Turn right on to Panorama go .25 miles 

Then turn left on Fairview Dr and go 2 miles 

Turn left onto Indian Wells Ln go about .5 miles to a gate by a hotel.   Go through the parking lot and turn right on Hwy 111.

Stay on pathway for approximately 2.25 miles and go right behind the Vons on the back parking lot.

Go right on sidewalk at Washington go south about 1.5 miles. 

Turn Right at Happy Point Way go about 50 yards and turn left onto the Singing Point and then another left on to a residential street Cameo Palm Drive.

Follow the drive to T, turn left and then a right on to service road past Catholic Church,

get back on to sidewalk and ride 1.25 miles to Eisenhower. 

Turn Right on Eisenhower and follow past curve and Past Waldorf Astoria about 1.5 miles to Calle Tampico.  

Turn Left onto Tampico and go east about .6 miles to Old Town Shopping area and turn right. 

Old Town Coffee is about 50 yards on the left.

Download the map here

Mecca Box Canyon: Scenic Ride - Difficulty Advanced

19.5 miles one way for shuttle or 39 mile return ride. Route has 1590 ft. elevation gain. Start at 66 Ave and Johnson Rd ride to Pinto Road Indo.  Difficulty – advanced, climb to turnaround or shuttle pick up at Pinto Rd and I-10.


The dirt trails in the Palm Springs area are primarily technical rides, riders skills need to be intermediate or advanced. Most rides require strong climbing skills. We do not recommend that you bringing children or beginner riders on these routes.
For easy and beginner hard path and gravel road rides we recommend the Hemet Lake and Bear mountain areas west of Palm Springs.

La Quinta: Cove to the Lake Trail - Moderate

7 miles out and back. Start at the parking lot south on Intersection of Avenida Ramirez and Calle Tecate.  Difficulty- moderate

La Quinta: Book Hoff Trail - Advanced

6 miles loop, single track. Start at off Eisenhower Difficulty- advanced 

Palm Desert: Art Smith Trail - Advanced

9 miles out and back single track. Difficulty- advanced

Palm Desert:Bump & Grind - Advanced
  • – 3 miles one way Single track. Difficulty – advanced
Palm Desert:Hop Along Cassidy - Advanced

11 miles out and back, single track. Start at tennis courts on west side of Lake Cahullia County Park, At the junction of  Cahuilla Park Road and Jefferson St. Difficulty – advanced

Cathedral City: Dunn Road Hahn Trail - Advanced

17  mile loop, single track.  Difficulty – advanced

Palm Springs: The Goat Trails - Advanced

Start is at the Rimrock shopping mall at the corner of East Canyon Dr and Palm Hills Rd. 10 miles out and back many networked trails in area, single track.  Difficulty – Advanced

Palm Springs: Palm Canyon Epic - Advanced

Start is at the Rimrock shopping mall at the corner of East Canyon Dr and Palm Hills Rd.28 miles out one way to Pinyon, this is a shuttle ride, single track.  Difficulty – advanced much climbing.

Hemet: Diamond Valley Lake Trail - Easy with moderate hills

21 mile loop paved and graveled around Diamond Lake starts at the Diamond Lake visitor center 2325 Searl Pkwy, Hemet. Difficulty easy with moderate hills.

Joshua Tree National Park - Easy to moderate

various distances – 29 miles of gravel roads, various start points 40 miles east of Palm Desert on Interstate 10. Difficulty- easy to moderate


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We encourage riders to provide us with other routes in the area and we will build a library for everyone to use. Please submit your suggestions to