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We Serve all of Southern California as a dealer for TerraTrike, Catrike, and HP Velotechnik.  

Most bikes are available with electric motors.

recumbent bike in front of triabike store

Who rides recumbent bikes?

Anyone can ride this type of bicycles if a laid back reclining position is more comfortable for you than the traditional upright bicycles. Pedals are in front of the rider instead of below.  Steering is an easy reach.  Because there are three wheels, balance is not a concern.  A rider's weight is distributed over a larger area with support on the buttocks and back.  There is an aerodynamic advantage over a traditional two wheel bike as well.

The Coachella Valley offer some of the best opportunities to ride a recumbent trike in Southern California using many miles of roads with bike lanes as well as large country clubs.

Tri-A-Bike has brought together some of the best brands in the recumbent trike industry to service your needs.  Brands like Catrike, Terratrike, HP Velotechnik and Sunseeker.  We offer and stock a full of product line from the entry level Terratrike Rover to the speedy 559 Catrike.  We have basic trikes, comfort trikes like the Rambler, comfort models like the Trail as well as, performance trikes like the Gecko.  We even carry some electric models like the Rambler EVO.

Our goal is to help to find the right product for your needs.    At Tri-A-Bike we are here to reduce your fears, supply value and keep you moving.

We are knowledgeable about the product and have been selling and repairing trikes for a several years.  Call us at 760-340-2840 or email us at

We also stock trike attachments like seats, flags, pedals and mirrors.