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Electric Bike Information

(It isn't a motorcycle - you must pedal)

Electric Bike Information (It isn't a motorcycle - you must pedal)

E-bikes are ideal if you are riding long distances, encounter strong winds, cannot keep up to your riding friends or need to climb steep hills to your home or favorite trail.

You are interested in looking at e-bikes, but with all these models and brands to chose from, you need some one you can trust to guide you to what you want.  

It is confusing, and you don’t want to buy on-line and find out you didn’t get what you expected, or no one was there to help you.  At Tri-A-Bike, we are here to reduce your fears and keep you going.

A few years ago we started with a clean slate and did our homework to find the best brands and settled on Giant, Norco, Cannondale, Raleigh and Haibike.  That allows us to focus on the Bosch, Yamaha, and  TransX, drive systems which set the industry standard for performance and reliability.  For entry level, we have Aventon e-bikes. We only carry brands where we can offer you after sale support because the manufacturers stand behind their products.

At Tri-A-Bike, we believe you need to try one, that means we can rent you a electric assist bike and if you like the experience you can apply the rentals to the purchase. Triabike does more than just sell and service them, we ride them with a passion.  Go to our FAQ page to answer  some of the basic questions.

 Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find out if an e-bike is for you.