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Letter to Tri-A-Bike from US Marine Corps Combat Veteran:
I am a US Marine Corps combat veteran who was medically retired after 25 years of service due to a spinal fracture that caused permanent partial paralysis in my lower extremities.
Prior to the accident, my family and I enjoyed most outdoor activities, but especially hiking, camping and fishing. With my reduced mobility, I was unable to continue these activities at the same level that I had previously been able to and I was having a hard time finding low-impact alternatives that would allow me to stay fit and healthy.

I admit that for a while, depression had a hold of me. Without being able to do my normal exercise routine, I quickly gained weight which only exacerbated my condition. I didn’t want to admit my feelings let alone bother anyone else with them and by doing so I isolated myself from friends and family.

Just by chance, my wife and I were visiting Palm Springs one day when we passed Tri A Bike. What caught my attention was a display of several unique looking bikes designed for people with disabilities. I was immediately excited by the possibilities and decided to stop in to see if they had anything that would work for me. A very nice technician there by the name of Raul stopped what he was doing and spent several hours with me asking questions about my limitations and goals. He could have rushed me or pushed me into a bike that wasn’t quite right but he didn’t and I believe that he genuinely cared about helping me find the right option.

Eventually, we decided that the IZip Sumo fat bike would be a good place to start so I purchased the bike and took it home. While I liked the bike, I didn’t quite love it and had several ideas on what could be done to have it better fit my needs. After about a month, I took my bike and my notes back in to the store and sought out Raul. I am no bike expert and I admit that my notes and ideas were a bit vague but luckily Raul was able to see what specifically I needed to make the bike the best that it could be for me. Some of the helpful recommendations for modifications that we worked out included:

Rockshok adjustable front shocks
A new gear set to give a wider range of gears
Nuke proof riser handle bars to give me a more ergonomic riding position
A Custom trailer for longer or overnight trips
Custom seat and shock absorbing seat post to make longer rides more comfortable

My family and I now enjoy 50+ mile weekend Bikepacking and camping trips. Thanks to Raul and the rest of the dedicated and very knowledgeable staff at Tri A Bike, I feel like a have regained a large measure of my freedom and independence and I am able to continue working towards a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you, Tri-a-Bike,